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Transform your
shaving routine with

LVLUP Shave Oil

An all natural shaving oil that gives you the smoothest shave ever, while replacing all your other shaving products

Level Up to a Smoother Shave!

Traditional shaving products can dry out your skin, cause razor burn, and lead to ingrown hairs and bumps. That’s where LVLUP Shave Oil comes in. 

Stop the irritation, cuts,
and razor bumps.

LVLUP Shave Oil is an all natural oil that provides a smooth and comfortable shave while reducing irritation, cuts, and preventing razor bumps.

Level Up to a Smoother Shave!

An all natural oil that provides a smooth and comfortable shave while reducing irritation and preventing bumps.

Our formula is a proprietary blend of natural base oils, essential oils, and natural fragrance oil.

Simplifies your shaving routine while saving you money taking the place of all other shaving products.

Softens hairs and skin in advance, or during the shave

Superstar Ingredients:

Grapeseed and Meadowfoam Seed Oils provide fast hydration and antioxidants to help maturing skin

Simplify Your Shaving Routine

The All-In-One shaving solution you've been looking for

Tired of juggling multiple shaving products and spending a fortune on expensive creams and gels? 

Our blend of natural oils act as a skin moisturizer, so you don’t need any additional pre/post shave lotions or creams. 

Save time and money with an all-in-on shave solution

List of products you

Cranberry Seed Oil is rich in omega fatty acids to deliver extra soothing benefits

How to use

1. Wet your hands and your face

2. Add two pumps of LVL UP Shave Oil into your hand, rub hands together, and apply on face


3. Shave with the grain


4. Rinse, repeat against the grain for a closer shave

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Made with care in Austin, Texas

The 100% Natural and Sustainable Shaving Solution